Mark Pettitt's Principles

These core principles will guide Mark Pettitt's leadership and stewardship of the Hall County Clerk of Court Office.

 With 50 employees and an annual budget of $4M, the Clerk of Court is one of the largest public service offices in Hall County. It is a critical component of the judiciary, and should operate as efficiently as possible to support the administration of justice in our community. 

The Clerk's Office should embrace modern technology to enhance the customer service experience for all stakeholders involved. Mark Pettitt is Ready to take his business and public leadership experience to the Clerk's Office to ensure the People of Hall County are proud stewards of an operation that is Responsive, Responsible, and Respectful

Leadership Experience

Mark Pettitt has led people and managed large budgets as an operations  supervisor for a Fortune 50 logistics company, as Chairman of the Hall County Library Board, and as a Board of Education Member for the Hall County School District.

Embrace Efficiency

Mark Pettitt will streamline processes in the Clerk's Office to enhance efficiency and make the most of our tax dollars. A full audit of practices and policies will be conducted to ensure the Clerk's Office provides superior service to the People of Hall County.

Prioritize Modernization

Mark Pettitt is committed to providing digital solutions for all stakeholders. All services of the Clerk's Office will be easily accessible online. Technology and innovation will be cornerstones for continuous improvement under the leadership of Mark Pettitt. 


The Clerk's Office will act quickly and efficiently to provide superior customer service.


The Clerk's Office will be held accountable to the People of Hall County.


Under Mark Pettitt's leadership, the Clerk's Office will treat all stakeholders with respect.


Mark Pettitt is excited to bring experience, energy and efficiency to the Clerk's Office.